Wednesday, September 28

Bikers View

Don't forget my other blog 'Bikers View'

Monday, September 26

Too much of a good thing?

This is todays 'lunch'.... Do I eat to much? As when I get home I'll have a full cooked dinner too, and maybe even a pud. I think I might just love that food to much. Posted by Picasa

The Lurker

This was lurking out side our front door last night. If you think thats a 3 inch brick then this little spider is about 2 inch round. Bet it packs a bite. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 23

Evening Meal

This is my evening meal at work, Jax being the lovely lady that she is knew I was staying in London tonight at the Soho meet and wouldn't be home till late. So she made me this to take to work.... Love's her I does.. Oh yes I do...
Sorry if your hungery but I'm going to be all happy now with this inside of me so I don't care... Posted by Picasa

Free Lunch

Woo Hoo.. companys bought us all a free pizza lunch..

Thursday, September 22

Someone stole my cup!

As you may have seen from a few post down I have my own coffee cup, but today I have to use a company cup! Why? Because someone has chaved mine.. Oh where can it be, the agony!Posted by Picasa

Comfy Cat

You go to work and then get a picture message from your wife, the cats got comfy...... on your side of the bed! I'm hairy, but I don't want to be eatin cat hair tonight. Posted by Picasa
A bit more information about the cat:
Her name is Sophie. We became International Cat Rescue when we bought her back from the island of Corfu (our honeymoon), she was very ill and where told she would probably die. Jax nursed her back to health and she got flown home. I think most of our problems we've had with her are due to her only speaking Greek, but I think she picked up a little bit of English now. Mainly "SOPHIE NO!"

6 Months Old

Little man was 6 months yesterday, which according to the department of health is a good time to start him on solids. Something that we have had him on for sometime now, though this was in mix due to his Reflux and Colic plus the advise we got from other parent's with the same problems. The plan is to give him more solids and less milk, also maybe let him interact more with his own food. Oh the mess that is to come.
Any way happy 6 months PJ only other 6 more and you'll be 1 year old, its hard to believe.... I'm a Dad.


Tuesday, September 20

Ain't he Cute

Well ain't he? This is the pic that Jax sent me on on my camera phone while I was on my 65 mile journey to work this morning. Reminds me why I do all this traveling, the 130 mile round trip and the 2.5 hrs of my day that it eats up. You wouldn't think so but its very tiring, all the filtering though traffic the constant levels of attention that you much keep. The flicking of the bike back and forth as you weave your way to work.
But I'm here now, cup of coffee on my desk and e-mails to read.


Monday, September 19

Biking Views

I've creating a separate blog for my biking views and photo's called "Biking Views".

Bagel Time

I have noticed on a forum that I often visit a interest in the sandwiches that my wife makes for me each day (and very grateful to her I am for them). With people saying that I seem to have very 'interesting' lunches, so as you can see today I will mostly be eating a Brussels pate and cucumber onion bagel.

Screen Door Challenge

I've come to the conclusion that I've not the same person that I was 10 years ago, which in some ways is a good thing. But there are things that I've noticed that are not so good. Now we had another busy weekend and on Sunday I set myself the task of creating a screen door for the back door of the out house. Something that I thought would be easy as I've always considered myself reasonably capable with my hands. Maybe its the fact that I've never done this before, or that I can't remember the last time I did anything with wood. Maybe its the fact that I had to stop and start the job though out the day so I never really 'got' into it, but its taken ages. I think I could have built the side of a house in the time it has taken (even with my slow bricklaying). But hey presto after a few silly mistakes, like making it 1 inch too large at the top. The door was complete, and most of the day was gone. All the other jobs that I needed to do will have to be put off now, which I really wanted to get out of the way.
So is my memory shot and I'm confused about what skill I did have? I am I becoming decrepited and I don't have the same capabilities I did have 10 years ago? I am I really making to much of this and I should put it down to just having a bad day. I don't know, and now that I've written this out I'm not sure I really care that much. Its done and built, I've voiced my views and I can go back to my day feeling some what vented. Oh attached is a pic of the lovely door... ain't it grand.... (I've also corrected my bad spell now).

Friday, September 16

My love of a good blog

Well I must say I'm starting to love this blogging and its ease of use. Gives me something to do for lunch while I eat my soft cheese and olive bagel that my lovely wife made for me last night. Something she does for me everyday, lucky man that I am. I think the bit I like the most is the random searching of other peoples blogs, seeing the little snippets of thier life and finding out something new.
I'll drink my coffee now, not that you can call it that as it comes from a machine and I'm sure its made from dried hamsters or something, but its free. Like most people if someone tells me its free I'll have a go at it.
Oh do you like the cup for my coffee, its mainly to ensure that no one steals it, not sure if the little analogy it true. Can you work out where I work???

Something to say

Nothing too amazin has happened in the last few hours, well nothing really worth worrying about. I did see a car on its roof on the A3 on my way home last night, also I've heard on the news that the superstores have slashed the price of fuel bring unleaded down to 89.9 ppl. Which is good news for me, as filling the bike up was becoming rather a struggle.
The only thing I will say is that I really need to get rid of my Kawasaki GT750, I just don't enjoy riding the bike. And it drinks a bit to much fuel for my liking, well compared to my SV. The GT I get about 45-49mpg, where as my SV was doing 55-60 mpg. I was thinking of a bandit 600, as its a nice small engine and shouldn't be to juicy but will be large enough to give me a decent spread of power. Plus I should be able to get a half decent one at a good price. But I'm open to other suggestion's.

Thursday, September 15

Testing my e-mail blogging

Ain't this great, you don't even need to be at you blogger 'Dashboard', you can blog via e-mail. This means I can blog anywhere in the world, maybe even from my mobile phone. Not sure why'd I'd do that but I'm one of these people that loves this sort of stuff. Anyway back to work now learning HP-UX and all you fokes out there keep blogging.
Please feel free to add you comments and links to your blogs, I'll try to have a look and say Hi.

Dan aka Your Future World Ruler.

Wednesday, September 14

He's a bit of a Screamer

Turns out our son has found his lungs fully now, but this does not just involve making 'cute' little noises. Oh no. He's started screaming at everything, someone's come into the room 'SCREAM', Miffy's on the TV 'SCREAM', there's the cat 'SCREAM', I've seen my milk 'SCREAM'. You name it he screams at it. So far I've missed out as I've been at work but Jax has phoned me and he's been screaming in the back ground and its rather painful. I just hope he finds a new noise soon as I know its killing Jax's head, might have to take up wearing ear plugs around the house. He's also in that stage of putting everything in his mouth regardless of its size, the pic here shows his new love of fruit. Oh and if he can't get in his mouth, can you guess what he does.... Something along the line of 'SCREAM'.


Fuel shortage and my hunt for some.

Well due to the increased price in fuel and the planned road bloackade by haulers and farmers this week, there has been panic buying of petrol and now theres a shortage (only seems to be unleaded everywhere had diesel). Something I don't need as I travel 130 miles a day to get to work requiring me to fill up every trip (its only a 24 l tank). While I support the blockade as the cost of fuel is making my trip to work very expensive, the single largest cost infact, it does make getting to work rather a challenge.
On my trip home last night I drove past many garages either closed or with signs up show they had no unleaded. Something I also found at my usal fuel stop of ASDA Havant which you'll see in the first picture. This ment I had to drive over to Tesco Havant, which was open but had no unleaded. So onward I went to Farlington Shell services which had a bit of a queue at it, see the second picture. When I got to the pump turned out they only had the premium fuel, see the thrid picture.. Optimax, at 98.9 pence per litre, 5 pence more then the normal stuff. I stuck it in anyway as I wasn't sure as to where else I could get some from and I needed to be sure I could get to work tomorrow. While I could probably make 2 trips on the GT as I uses about 11-12 litres a time, I'd be pushing it rather close to the reserve.
So I look forward to my fuel hunt again tonight.

Tuesday, September 13

Having a MRI

Well until such time as I manage to rule the world I'll be carrying on with my 'normal' life. So here's is the first exciting draft....
Today I had a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging ), which I will go into but first I'll add a little detail as to why I need a MRI:
4 months ago I got recovered for a flat tyre... The bike fell off the transporter when it was being loaded, I was on the bike guiding it under the operators request. He ran out of push. Bike fell off (no where to put my feet as I was on a single ramp). Had to claim on my insurance as they are being funny about it. Going though a solicitors as my knee is stuffed too, thus the need for a MRI.

Now the MRI was at the Bupa Hospital Portsmouth as I'm rather lucky to have a company health plan, so I was able to get it sorted quickly. The MRI machine was in a truck trailer as you can see from the picture. I had to go into the tube which is rather small so I imagine any large people could be rather stuck. I also had to ensure I had removed any metal from my body. Though I was able to keep my rings on as I was only in the MRI from the stomach down, which I was glad about as I have yet to take my wedding ring off since getting married. The MRI its self was about 40 minutes, which I was told to keep still, and if I wanted to go to sleep. Though you have to wear ear defenders as its rather loud and I was able to still hear it, so I 'dozed'. Came out just fine, had a look at some of the pic's not that they made much sense to me but it was rather funky. Seeing slices of my knee. Got dressed and went off to work again. In all a painless and easy experience, the worst thing that happened was my bum went num.

Your New World Ruler

Well this is my first go at 'blogging', if I have the term right and first I'd like to put in a few details about how I feel I could benift the world its self:

I'm going to rule the world, and I would like you all to sign up and join me. I offer the following advantages.

  1. One person to blame for all your problems, even if I tell you your all wrong.
  2. No more wars, as thier's only one ruler.
  3. No more religious problems, I'm god and you all bow down to me and I'm always right.
  4. No more third world.. just one world... under my rule.
  5. No more Royal family.. I rule they are nothing.
  6. No more corrupt rulers... Just one big ruler.. me and I've got no one to be corrupt with.
  7. No defence force as there is nothing to defend against. Invest the spending else where.
  8. Huge police force, to keep you lot in line and get all those thieving little toe rags.
  9. One language... Danglish. Everyone will be taught it.
  10. No lower/middle/upper class. There's just you the rulies... and me.. the ruler.
  11. Everyone drives on the left, everywhere.
  12. One currency, Dounds
  13. No company monopolies.. If I don't like it I send the lads in.
  14. No world hunger, I will take from the really rich to give to the poor.
  15. Extra lane on the motorway, just for bikes.
  16. Planned colonization of Mars.
  17. No Road tax.
  18. No prisons, get caught, get sent to the moon penal colony, soon to become Monstralia.
  19. Drugs, stuff your body up as much as you like, but you won't get any medical support. Your choice.
  20. I'm great....
  21. My Son needs a family business to 'rebel' against, just like Dr Evil's son in the Austin Powers films.