Sunday, October 30

Evil Cat

See I told you she can be really evil, all Jax wanted to do was stroke her. Posted by Picasa


You looking at me? Well this is what I think of your 'cat food'!Posted by Picasa

Trip to Portsmouth

Went to Gunwarf today with Jax, PJ and my llittle Sister Katy-Ann to see the new Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit film. It was rather good, lots of little adult jokes slipped in and a few bits stolen from other films. See if you can spot them. We then got the train home which Katy seemed to rather enjoy. Posted by Picasa

Pumpkin J.....

PJ and his lovely new Pumpkin suit.
 Posted by Picasa


Thursday, October 27

Lovely Photo

After Jax had a little play she printed this photo out and its now on our hall wall. I loves it. Posted by Picasa


Tuesday, October 25

Desk View Cloubs

Looks funky, this is what I can see of the sky from my desk. Might have a dry ride home! Posted by Picasa

No don't put me in the cage again...

Lol.. not that we did.. like his biker top? Posted by Picasa


He's my son that's for sure.

How can I tell? Well this pic says it all. When presented with a giant bowl of trifle and a serving spoon do you cry and not take it as its to big? No.. you just open you mouth wider and cry for more. Posted by Picasa


And a funny thing happened to me on the Sofa last night

It was so funny I 'mutleyed' ( I think that's right you know the 'snigger' laugh)... So I'd better explain why. Well the cat was sat on my lap and I was eatin Maltesers in one of those bags with the stick down seal. I was going to close the bag when Jax grabbed the sticky label seal and stuck it to the cats head, only lightly. The cats head shot up and her ears when a bit flat, but the best bit was the way she went 'bos' eyed and just sat there with me sniggering. About 30 sec's must have past while she tried to make her mind up about what to do and just as I was about to take it off she shot off in to the kitchen where it fell off. I can't remember the last time I laughed like that, am I cruel to find that funny? But later on she was all purry again and settled down on my lap, this time without risk of having things stuck to her.

Monday, October 24

My New Desk

When I came back from my time out of the office it turns out that my desk has been moved. So now I've got a nice view by the window, where I can look at the gorgeous warehouses and watch the noisy planes go by... Those planes don't half fly close for a office that 'not' on the flight path! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21

First Day Back

Well today is my first day back at work after 3 weeks off with a duff hand, after the ride in this morning and the bike breaking down my wrist is a little sore. Though it seems my thumb (which I broke the year before) is giving me the most pain, nothing to bad. As the for bike it seems one of the HT leads is buggered (see my other blog bikersview) so I'll have to get that sorted this weekend.
Anyway lots more e-mails to read...

Wednesday, October 12

Cat lovin

We've long been under the impression that our rescued cat is daft, but tonight she showed one of her other strange habits. Her need to be as close to you as possible, even though earlier that day she'd had flat ears and was attacking you. It's like there are 2 cats, a nice cuddly one, and then without warning a split second later, evil attack cat. I'll have to sort some pic's of her on the attack so you can see the other personality. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 11

PJ and his planned domination of the world.

PJ and his World Domination Console.
29 weeks and 1 day.
16.75lb Posted by Picasa


If I push this button the world will be mine Mr Bond.... Mwhhhhha! Posted by Picasa


Monday, October 10

The Spinnaker Tower

Not much to put on this week as I've been with the family but here are a few shots of the still closed Tower, after its opening was cancelled due to a lift failure.. and I still would like to go up it.. lol.
Night shot from in side the shopping area Posted by Picasa

Taken from further down the Quay Posted by Picasa


PJ and the Tower Posted by Picasa


Jax in front of the still closed Spinnaker Tower Posted by Picasa

Spinnaker Tower
Gunwarf Quays, Portsmouth, Hampshire.... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 5

Complete lack of blogs

I know I've been rather lacking in my blogs over the last few days, but as I've been at home due to my sprained hand (should be back to work friday) I've not had that much time to write. Hopefully it should build back up over the next few weeks, so keep blogging....

Saturday, October 1

Our 1 year Wedding Anniversary.

Just to let you know its our 1st wedding anniversary today....