Wednesday, February 7

My PC won't boot

Late last night I was working on a PC that had been bought round for me to look at, symptoms where -
1. Won't always boot-up, press the power button doesn't seem to turn the system on.
2. When it does come on, the fans inside are noisy and rattly. Almost like there is something trapped in them.
3. Before it had died completely the system had been complaining of CPU errors and turning its self off due to over heating.

So I pulls it apart having a look at the memory and processor, on extracting the fan and heat sink I notice its very dusty. To the point that when I look though the fins at the side I can see any light, so I pop the fan off and on the right is what I discover. Urgh! No wonder it don't work, even when I pop a spare CPU and fan it it won't start. So the CPU and motherboard are toast and I don't have any spares. My next job is test the memory, graphics card and hard drive, if I can recover there data. Good job they are looking at getting a laptop.
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Tuesday, February 6

Post Box fire

Walked into Farnborough town today as I needed to take my phone back for repair, only to see a Fire engine hare pass, but I thought nothing of it. Turns out someone had set a post box alight, rather a serious offence as the post is classed as the 'Queens' Mail. This made me think as there have been a number of letter bombs this week, was this one then went off too soon? On the way back up the high street the police had sealed the whole top of the street off so seems they where thinking the same as me.
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