Sunday, October 28


That is my number, my cholesterol number. Not a good thing so I'm told, though hopefully it's a trend that I can halt, and it goes towards explaining my big tummy now and its side-affects on me.
Also it means a rather drastic change in my life, in what I eat. No more cream, cut down the cheeses and I'm only allowed 3 eggs a week.
Oh well I suppose its all something that I really needed to do, next is exercise I s'pose as I have noticed that I get tired a lot more. Have a look at this last photo and you'll see what will be slowly happening to me if I'm not careful. After all, I don't want to have to go in 10 years time and have the arteries to my heart replaced.


Wednesday, October 24


Jax isn't feeling well so she went to the doctors today and they told her that she has Labyrinthitis, which she phoned me up and told me. Now this made me laugh not because of the infection that Jax has but because it made me think of the film Labyrinth. To which Jax said, "It means I have a small worm living in my ear that says." 'Come inside and meet the Missus'.


Thursday, October 11

Apple Arse

While eating my apple today I avoided one again the bit I never eat, the apple arse. Now I know that some people will eat the whole of the fruit, but me I just can't do it. I just can't seem to get my head away from the fact that this is the arse of the apple, so why would I even think of eating it?
So do you enjoy your apple arse, or do you avoid it like me. Even better now that I have enlightened you to this fact will you too stop eating the apple arse. I would say I'm a little odd but that is pretty much a know fact.