Thursday, September 28

PJ's Autumn Sandwiches

Jax sent me this pic of PJ's sandwiches, they have a nice autumn feel don't you think. But now part of me is rather jealous, I want my sandwiches cut into shapes. Maybe not leaves... but what?

Any suggestions? Posted by Picasa


Monday, September 18

Trip to Scotland

Over this weekend we had a trip to Scotland, a long journey but worth it. There we met up with a few friends and visited a few things that time, and the weather would allow.This is Alex a friend of ours who lives up this way.
Some rather nice looking roads and lovely views.
This is Doune Castle, some of you may reconise it from the Monty Python Film 'The Holy Grail'.
PJ in one of Doune castles windows.
Sterling Castle and The William Wallice monument.

More of Doune Castle.

Wednesday, September 13

My Nerdy Past

Well as a boy I could be a bit of a nerd, like all nerds I liked sitting in a dark room playing PRG games and planning some sort of world conquest. So some things haven't changed, lol. Though to be truthful I've always enjoyed the painting of the miniatures more. So here are a few pics of my nerdy past, most of these are over 14 years old with most of my painting stopping at 16 when I left school. You could say college opened up new veiws to me and different life style choices.

These first 2 will give you a idea of their size. One is 28mm and the other 8mm scale figures, all hand painted by me.

All these other are a mixture of charaters from Warhammer 40K, Space Marine, Blood Bowl and Advanced HeroQuest.