Wednesday, April 26

Billy Bob Monkey

PJ's new 'dummy' (pacifyer) arrived yesturday, and it is rather funny. Gives him a nice set of 'Billy Bob' teeth, as you can see from the picture.
Also it appears that PJ is trying out his monkey impressions with scaling the funiture and toys in the living room, you just know it will all end in tears. Not from falling, but from having things moved from a possition of which he can climb.
The stair-gates have had to be moved about as he's already fallen down the stairs, good job its carpeted. Wasn't happy about that either, keeps flinging stuff between the bars and shouting "Argh" at it. All this because over the last few weeks he's been perfecting his walking... so many brusies... Posted by Picasa


Red Hair

Jax had her hair dyed yesterday afternoon, back to red, which I've always rather preferred. It was blonde, which was nice, but I've always been a man with a taste for red hair.
So her are the pic's, as you can imagine the second ones my favorite, can't think why...
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Friday, April 21

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Thursday, April 20

Wookey Fur-Ball aka Wookey Hole

Some of this blog has been stolen from an e-mail that Jax sent, thanks…

Saturday - We drove 2hrs to Wookey Hole in Somerset; PJ was very good on the journey and only started to get stress as we got about 20 minutes away. Then we paid extortionate amount to carry small squirming child round dark, damp cramped cave (which pissed us off coz we'd just paid a tenner to hire a buggy which they said could be used in the cave, and if they meant "use to find muscle pain you never knew could exist by carrying the shitty fucking buggy", then I guess that the term 'for use in cave' is justified), saw the 20' x 10' "wonder"* that is 'Dinosaur Vally' (and that's NOT my spelling mistake, that's the way the sign had been carved then someone added a painted-on 'E' and we're all supposed not to notice, well Jax did I completely missed it), gazed** at 'Fairy Walk', marvelled*** at the papermill for a whole 5 minutes, bought 2 icecreams for a fiver, then embarked on the 2 hour drive home. All for only £20 in diesel and £22 to get in, plus ice cream mortgage... I mean money. So get your coat....!!!! And go to Wookey Hole (as in, in hole in the ground near where Satan lives).

Next time we might try Cheddar Caves, as its just up the road though its probably best that we wait till PJ is walking a bit more as I don’t fancy carrying him round that one too. The other option is stick to the local attraction like Bird World, or Staunton Country Park. While the websites ain't quiet as flashy I'm sure the attactions could stand on there own as easily more interesting that Wookey Fur-Ball... sorry Wookey Hole.

*Wonder - as in, 'We wondered why the fuck we're looking at this teeny tiny patch of land with plastic chipped dinosaurs that kids can't climb on'. Wonder - as in, 'We wondered why they bothered to build it'. And I won't even mention King Kong. More like Queen Kong. Certainly wasn't King Dong.

** Gazed - coz Fairy Walk, you can't actually walk around. It's on an island in a river. An island with no bridge. And even if you could get there, it's only 6' x 10' so it's hardly an orienteering challenge.

*** Marveled - coz the papermill is there, but no-one's working it. In 1987 when Jax went last.... back in the good ole days.... you could stand on the gantry and watch them make paper, listen to the commentary, truly marvel at the sights, sounds and smells. Now you can sit in the museum cinema and slip into a coma at the continuous Twilight Zone loop that is 'How we made paper!!' Then, when you think you're gonna burst with the thrill of it all, you can watch a pierced 17yr old 'demonstrate' in 2 minutes, the art which took a grown man and many prior generations 100's of years to perfect.


In the park... late yesterday.

Also been playing a bit with Picasa, cool huh...

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Tuesday, April 18

Victoria Park

PJ had a nice day in Victoria Park (Google map) on Tuesday, to get him out of the house and let him run about a bit. Now that he's started walking about, it was a lovely day so we also had lunch in the park. While he watched the pigeons do what pigeons do. They also have a small animal and bird enclosure so he could have a look at the rabbits and guinea pigs on one side. Then parrots, ducks, geese, finch's, peacock, and other birds on the opposite side. You can see the enclosure in the second photo. Posted by Picasa


Monday, April 17

Playzone the BIG RED ONE!

Over the 'Bank holiday Easter' weekend we took PJ to playzone, its go a nice soft area that the nippers can run around in. Thus you don't have to worry to much about them bumping there heads.
Now PJ loves going on the big multi-coloured slide with me on the matt, but today I though maybe he'd like to have a go with on the blue slide. It has a bit of a drop, but it does have a ball pit at the end. As you can see from the pic on the right. He did enjoy it but I think he prefure's the multi-coloured slide more.
While he was playing I thought I'd have a go on the 'BIG' red slide, this has 2 drops. Which when you drop off allows you to fall a few feet before the curve catches you. With the high drop allowing about 8ft before the curve kicks in. Now I've been thrown out of a plane before (tandem skydive) but it is no where near the same as its just so close. So I was a tad apprehensive (don't really like heights!), I tucked my arms in as advised and dropped off... I wasn't really prepared for the drop and mistakenly allowed my arms to untuck, and 'burnt' my arm from the friction! Ouch! What a drop! I'll do it again, but next time I'll keep those arms tucked in or maybe wear a long sleeved shirt.

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Sunday, April 16

Huge Sunday Dinner

Ain't Sunday dinner in the England great, my wife lovingly prepared us a huge feast of roasted potatoes, parsnips and carrots, runner-beans, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, all with corn fed chicken and duck covered in gravey. Followed by 2 puddings of our choice. So much so that we where able to have bubble and squeak the following day, and the puddings again! Yummy, I love being married to a chef. Though it does take it toll on my waist line, thanks for dinner Jaxs. It was great as usual!

I've only attached a selection of photos of the food as I got distracted by the feast and forgot to snap the rest of it.
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Tuesday, April 11

News Flash: Biscuit Drowns

This biscuit was about to give me much coffee dunking joy went it decided to end it all by snapping off and drowning in my cup of coffee. Don't know why but I can't bring myself to drink the mulch at the bottom now, and I'm feeling rather a lot of despair of the breakage. Might have to console myself with a cup of tea and some more 'risky' dunking. Posted by Picasa

Falling Chav's

Here are some pic's of the damage caused by that Chav falling though the roof.
First how we found my bike, knocked over even though it was on a Abba stand:Next is the hole he created in the garage roof:
And last the dents on my tank:

Sunday, April 9

PJ's Baptism

Well it was a lovely day, the sun came out and the rain stayed away for a little while. The Church and service was lovely, even though I'm not a Christian myself, Jax has been Baptised where as I have not. The Vicar seems a very nice lady and she did her best to involve the children in the service, asking them questions and getting them to help out. Even going on to talk about her trying scrambled goose egg, which was mixed into parts of the service as it was palm Sunday. PJ was on his best behavior not stressing or screaming, with only a few little laughs that echoed round the expansive church hall. The only thing he didn't like was when she wet his head, which he cried a little, but once it was over he was back to his happy self. We all got to sing the hymn we had chosen ' Give Me Joy In My Heart' and then the service was complete. Few photos where taken and luckily the weather held out so everyone came back to our house for a few drinks and some food. We just about managed to fit some 60 people in our house and garden. My Dad managed to get a few more pic's thought the rest of the afternoon as PJ wandered/crawled about. So thanks Dad for the photo's, a big thanks to Auntie Lesley and Nan for the lovely cake, and thanks to everyone for PJ's gifts.
Also thanks everyone for coming and help in making it a lovely day.
Like always with these things it takes a little time to clear up, and I still have the gazebo to clear up tonight. I did manage to get most of it done before it chucked it down with rain.


Thursday, April 6

Marmite and World Rule

Well as you may have noticed my comments on mine or my offsprings world rule has been rather thin of late. What with the hetic life I'm leading and the problems that keep rearing up there ugly head (such as people falling though garage roofz), so I'm going to try to set this straight a bit more.
First it has come to my attention after read the SafeT's blog he'd made a rather happily little tune called Marmite Echo, with my love of Marmite I was keen to hear. It is a great tune, but I feel that it doesn't quite capture the deep love/hate feeling that Marmite generates. Then I don't think SafeT' has experienced the joy or pain that is Marmite, I feel for him on this but then we all have our jar to bear.
I also found one of his comments rahter interesting ; " Dan, is under the misbegotten notion that HIS offspring is destined to rule mankind. Eventually my daughter and his son shall have to come to a reconning". Somoe how I feel our power over Marmite will be the deciding factor.

Wednesday, April 5

Some one fell though roof and knocked over my bike

Some little chav shit was running along the garage roofs at the back of Jax Mums house last night (4th April) and fell though the roof! Knocked over my other SV (on its Abba stand) and then buggered off, the police have taken a age to get there. And then won't get a SOCO (Scene of Crime Office) to have a look as there is a risk the roof was asbestos. Even though there is a huge foot print ,and probably loads of finger prints on the bike as he got up off it. I've had to leave the bike half tipped over till tomorrow to see if we can confirm if its asbestos and see if the SOCO will come out then.
Got a good id from a neighbor though.

Monday, April 3

First Hair Cut

PJ had his first hair cut this weekend, and he just looks so grown up now. It was rather a shock to the system, its so strange as he's no longer a baby. He's a person now, before I know it he'll be leaving school and traveling round the world (though less to see as it will all be under water!). I've attached a pic that was taken just after the cut, though he looks a little wind swept! Posted by Picasa