Sunday, January 31

Haggis and Mead.

Jax made us a lovely Haggis supper with a lovely Mead wine. Followed by Meringue and ginger nests with whisky cream and blossom honey.

Thursday, January 28

Freaky and Carnivorous Plants

Jax sent me these photos of our plants and I thought I'd share them.

Tuesday, January 12


PJ rather likes his Harrods cakes thanks from Guy and Louise.

Sleepy Cat.

Cat tongue anyone...

Sunday, January 10

A little sit down.

PJ said all the building was making him tired and he needed to sit down, and swing...

PJ and his snow castles.

PJ enjoying a little snow castle building today. We have a little snow castle wall now.

Friday, January 8

Foot Prints in the Snow.

Not mine of course. Lol.

Wednesday, January 6

Snow pants.

Look at my lovely snow pants, and yes everything was numb.

PJ and his snowman.

Me and PJ went out in the snow and made a touch camp snowman.

Fat Snow Flakes.

Still snowing!

Well I've only ever seen this much snow once before, even then I'm not sure it was this much.

Tuesday, January 5

Foot prints in the snow...

Wow snow in Portsmouth twice within a month.