Sunday, April 24

The 'Pong to Playstation' exhibition at Paisley museum.

Just managed to get to see this in time with PJ, as tomorrow is the last day. Lots of great consoles and hand-helds that I'd forgotten I'd even played with when I was a nipper. You can see a Dragon 32, SNES, Spectrum and lots of others...

Saturday, April 23

The Ben

Though we have had rain today, the weather has now cleared up now and it all looks glorious again. As they say, if you don't like the weather in Scotland wait 10 minutes and it will change for you.

Monday, April 18

Enjoying the lovely Scottish views

Ain't it lovely...

Monday, April 11

Glorious day to have my bowler on.

Lovely sunny day heading into the office. Not to hot either, shame I'm on my way to work and not a picnic or something. But not long now an I'll be on a weeks hols, so lets hope the weathers nice up in Scotland.

Friday, April 8

Enjoying the sun at St Paul's.

Being in London does have some advantages, for example a nice lazy lunch in the sun on the grass out side St Paul's.