Saturday, November 17

Bring back the LIME!!!!

Join US!!!...

...In our boycott of Tesco! How many of you are of a certain age and remember Chopper bikes when they were GOOD, 20p mix-up sweety bags that were the average weight of a 2yr old, and .........LIME milkshakes???

Oh, the sublime, neon milkshake of my youth, how I loved thee...


Only now TESCO has refused to continue stocking it. The gits. My whole childhood links are smashed. Well, the milkshake related ones anyway.

So please read the email my wife Jax sent to Tesco (BELOW) and JOIN US in making a difference. Please. WE need your help.

Jax'x email to Tesco:

I have just ended a rather distressing (for me) telephone conversation with Crusha in Peterborough... not a granny-bashing neanderthal, but the REAL Crusha syrup factory! They told me that Tesco as a whole have REFUSED to stock Lime Milkshake, meaning that they have had to DISCONTINUE IT as they can't justify production if the market-leader won't stock it. That's you, that is. The market leader. The place where I shop, religiously, day-in, day-out.

Well, NO MORE, Tesco. I am of the 'certain age' when the original Chopper bikes were cool, a pick 'n' mix 20p sweetie-bag was the weight of a small child, and LIME MILKSHAKE WAS KING!!! I have been blessed with a child who is now 2yrs old. I wanted to make him the lime milkshakes I had as a child. Tall glass, TWO straws and full fat milk... maybe even some squirty cream or icecream on the top. Heaven in a glass. But Nooooo. Tesco took the milkshake away. No more tastebuds skipping down nostalgia lane for ME.

Therefore I thought it only fair to tell you, as we are in a democratic society where freedom of speech is sometimes recognised, that I am starting a war to bring back the Lime. Yes, Me. Housewife and Mum-of-One. I shall boycott your good selves (or good shelves, pardon the pun) and will be shopping in ASDA forthwith. I shall email all of my friends (I have a surprising amount, given the things I choose to do with my spare time) and advise they do the same. They, in turn, hopefully will email THEIR friends. I shall email my local papers, then I think I shall email the Nationals. I shall not stop until I taste the Lime again. We will fight you on the... sorry, that was pure plagiarism there, I've gotten emotional and carried away. I digress, my apologies.

I will require a response. Ebay is selling covetted bottles of Lime Milkshake for 200% more than retail price. The Times has had letters mourning it's passing:

I shall be heard, future generations of Limeless children depend on me.

Yours most passionately,

Mrs Jackie Martin-Corben of Portsmouth.

Please copy, paste and forward on to all your friends. If you want me to email you and I don't have your email address and you wanna be a part of this WHERE IT STARTS, then PM me your email and I will forward it to you.

Let's go get the Lime back.

Tell them of your outrage at:

Tesco Customer Services
Freepost SCO2298
Dundee DD1 9NF
Tel: +44 (0) 800 505555

All other enquiries, Head Office:

Tesco PLC
New Tesco House
Delamare Road
England EN8 9SL
Switchboard telephone: +44 (0)1992 632222

Contact Crusha and beg, at:

Crusha Customer Services
Oundle Road
Telephone: +44 (0)1733 422696.

These are all readily available and publicly displayed numbers and addresses. I am neither breaking nor contravening any confidentialities by reproducing them in this post.

Thank you all for reading this far.... send this to EVERYONE!!!

Thursday, November 15

Dime Hunting

My god how hard is it to find Dime bars at the moment! Been to so many stores looking for this rather elusive chocolate gold, all the major stores like Tescos and Asda, but nothing. Even the littler stores such as CO-OP and SPAR didn't have any until I stumbled upon some in our local Shell garage when I was filling up the bike. Woohoo now everyones happy.


Tuesday, November 13

Nerdy, Nerd, GPFS

This is mostly what I learn't today, the wonder that is the General Parallel File System. All part of continuing AIX expansion of knowledge, and it even now covers the world of Linux. I won't bore you with the gumpth from this but be sure its all rather nerdy, I'm sure you can follow links if you really want to know more.

More practical education tomorrow, with me getting my hands to create and destroy a cluster.


Thursday, November 1


So what did you do? Me I went airsofting, yes airsofting, the art of grown men running about shooting each other with 2mm plastic BB's. But this time it was a themed event around the film '28 weeks later'. So we had zombies and marines running about, with a zombie scaring the pants off me. I myself went as a day-to-day civilian, though I chose to go dressed as a builder.
So that was the hard hat, douggie jacket, fluorescent hi-viz vest, and a tool belt. It was a great night and I thought a fun and energetic way to spend Halloween, hopefully I burnt off some of this fat.

If you fancy a go yourself then have a look at the UCAP website.