Monday, June 26

Interesting Weekend.

Well got up to a few things this weekend, what with it being extra long due to having Friday off for my birthday. On Saturday we popped down to 3 Cross Motorcycles as Jax wanted to have a look and sit on the Cagiva Raptors. As it was such a nice day we stopped at a pub nearby, had a pint of bitter shandy and ate our picnic. As you can see from the pic's it was rather lovely, with the peace occasionally overcome with the roar of motorcycles as they came/left 3 Cross.
After that I popped over to my Mum's to say hello and pick up my birthday cards.
Sunday we went to Beaulieu's Motorcycle World, looked at lots of bikes, had lots of sun and PJ ran around a lot. Jax rode down with some friends from the GB bikers forum, and I drove the little man down in the car. Seems that being football season it was rather quiet, which made it easy to get there. I sat on a KTM SuperDuke, which was rather lovely, though at 8k I think that one will have to be forgotten about. Though I was told where I could go for a test ride, mmh...
There are lots more photo's on our digital camera which I will try to upload, few nice shots of some older race bikes. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23

A Birthday...

On this day 31 years ago I was born, not sure what the time was as my memory's a bit vague. But needless to say it was a great day in history.
So what did I do, got up, drove to Southampton with the nipper as Jax was on her bike to get it looked at. Which once done we went shoppin, picked up a few things, couple of shirts, new mobile, and a magnetic bracelet. Eaten some food, walked a few miles, had a Amareti Shake, ended up at the end of a long day at Portsdown Hill. Sat in the grass, with the nipper running about with his OJ bottle... Nice day. Thanks Jax. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 20

See Five

Sinclair C5 that is, the original 80's transport dream that never was. Invented by Sir Clive Sinclair, it was a 99lb battery-powered, one-seater tricycle with a white plastic body. Overall, it measures 2'6" wide, 2'6" high, and 6'6" long.
Launched in Britain on 10 January 1985 Relatively cheap to purchase (it sold for £399 + £29 for delivery), it quickly became an object of popular ridicule, and was a commercial disaster, with only around 17,000 being sold.
Faced by a string of adverse publicity and disappointing sales, Sinclair Vehicles went into liquidation in October 1985.
People also do know that recent legislation allows it to be classed as an 'electrically assisted pedal-cycle', so could be driven by over 14Â's without insurance, drivilicensence, road tax or crash helmet.
I still remember the slot it got on Tomorrows World, a topical technology TV show that is now also in the past.
I was chuffed to see it, spoke to the bloke who owns it and he managed to picked it up for only £35. Has even got it up to 35mph, said its a tad hair-raising though. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12

Installing Ubuntu while blogging

Well now I'm really amazed! While posting this blog I'm installing 6.06 of Ubuntu Linux, how's that for neat. It starts up the OS in memory so you can have a look about, lets you install extra software to test. Then you can just install Ubuntu while doing other things, like blog! Neat... I just love it more and more, I don't recall Windows doing that.
Even rather nicely asks you if you want to continue to using the current session before it restarts to enable you to use the new install.
*It did lock up once... But it came back, maybe I was getting a bit to pushy.

Thursday, June 8

Mega Block Toy Cell

As I'm rather a cruel and evil father I have taken great delight in imprisoning one of PJ's toys in a cell of mega blocks.
Is this wrong? Will PJ even notice and just be happy to see his toy? Will he just go 'Ahh' a lot? Who knows, but these questions and more will be answered in the next exciting instalment of... Mega Blocks!... they're made in Canada!
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Thursday, June 1

New Posts on Bikers View

Some rather nice pic's, if I do say so myself on my other blog 'bikers view'.
Heres a Link --> link <--