Friday, June 23

A Birthday...

On this day 31 years ago I was born, not sure what the time was as my memory's a bit vague. But needless to say it was a great day in history.
So what did I do, got up, drove to Southampton with the nipper as Jax was on her bike to get it looked at. Which once done we went shoppin, picked up a few things, couple of shirts, new mobile, and a magnetic bracelet. Eaten some food, walked a few miles, had a Amareti Shake, ended up at the end of a long day at Portsdown Hill. Sat in the grass, with the nipper running about with his OJ bottle... Nice day. Thanks Jax. Posted by Picasa


Blogger SafeTinspector said...

Oh, well, there you answered my question on the other post, as it were, in passing.
Happy belated birthday!
All the best people have birthdays in June.

11:29 am  

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