Thursday, October 4

My beautiful wife and daughter

Sunday, September 16

Waiting for some lunch.

Saw this little spider waiting for some tasty snack.

Wednesday, August 8

90's Retro Find.

While having a clear-out of one the cupboards at work, I found this tape of software.  As you can see its unopened, then I noticed the age and date of creation on it.  Just a few months before I first started at IBM in 1998, unused and still perfect the day it was made, unlike myself.

Tuesday, July 24

Lunch time leaves

Rather pleasant lunch today sat in the shade of the trees in my works grounds.

Sunday, July 22


Our lovely little girl having a afternoon sleep, she'll be 4 weeks old on Wednesday and I couldn't be more proud. More so I can't thank Jax enough for cooking her for 39 weeks and doing such a fantastic job.

Aikido Training

Nice little image of our son PJ enjoying his Aikido training at the Admiral Lord Nelson School.  As you can see from this photo he's doing some weapons training one on one with his Sensei using a short staff known as a 'Jo'.

Saturday, April 14

Life is like a Box of Chocolates

Or in my case I know exactly how this middle Malteser feels, lacking its milky chocolate covering...

Friday, January 20

Snowdrops @ Hursley

Snowdrops in the Church yard while on my run today. I've managed 13k this week, so lets see how well I recover over the weekend.