Wednesday, December 21

PJ is 9 Months

Now where to get a car seat from.


Monday, December 19

Cat in a Hat

Dam... bizzare animal, now I'm going to have the smell of cat arse in me hat. Urgh, I know I have a big head but its big enough for a cat to curl up in! Posted by Picasa

It Rich Tea time

This weekend we gave PJ a Rich Tea biscuit to munch on, for those of you not familiar with the gloreous 'rich tea' you can find out more about it 'here'. We thought that this size of the biscuit PJ would find quite daunting and he'd make rather a mess. But no, with his only 2 teeth and a lot of saliva he managed to chomp his way though it. Did he make a mess though, did he hell, I think we found only 2 little crumbs! Though he wiped his hands all over my jeans, but hey, got to keep those little pinkys clean. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 15

What should I have done (echo)

I was on my normal ride home last night and came to a 2 lane junction with lights. The left lane was for traffic going straight across and the right lane for traffic turning right. Just before this is a left turn to travel up another road to get to a hotel, this has a keep clear box. I was filtering past the line of traffic that had built up there traveling slowly to ensure nothing was going to suddenly pull out, it was all clear. Turned my head back to pull up to the lights, and what do I see the glare of head lights and a 4x4 thing swinging right in front of me! Shat my load and slammed on the brakes getting a bit of a wobble as I try to find my footing and swear under my breath. But shrugged it off and carry on home, resisting the urge that comes over me to go back down the road and follow the 4x4 down the road to have it out with the drive. As I know the road is a dead end street.

So what should I have done....
  • Carried on home like I did, learning a important fact. Twats may come at you from any direction?
  • Or should I have followed them down the road and had it out with the driver and maybe thumped them?
  • Or... your suggestion...

Wednesday, December 14

Peter John meets Peter John

Took PJ round to my Nan and Grandads the other week and forgot I'd taken some photo's. This is PJ with his Great Grandad Peter John, I'll have to sort out some of the other photos for them as I know they would like some copies printed out.
I wonder what PJ was thinking at that moment..... Posted by Picasa


Monday, December 12

Ear Raisin

You know that feeling you get in your ear sometimes, like there's something in there but you know its nothing. Well I had that all day Thursday and Friday morning, just bugged and bugged me. Decided it might well be a idea to tell Jax and she got a torch and had a look in my ear. Told me she had to go get her tweezers as there was something dark in there, and after a quick fish this is what popped out. What I call a ear raisin, it even made a thud noise when it was dropped on the kitchen floor. Nasty.... Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 2

Working On The Old Servers

Well I've just spent the last 2 days setting up some rather old servers (3 of them),they are so old they have MCA cards in them. I had to hunt down some 10/100 Ethernet cards that would fit. But they are all up and happily humming away, all sweet like they are the latest cutting edge technology. One of the boxes I know is at least 11 years old as its last Firmware update was 1994. So can you tell what they are?

Thursday, December 1

Christmas is Coming!

How do I know this?... Just look at the pic of our home this morning. Don't it look lovely.
Jax spend the whole of yesterday putting up Christmas lights and decorating the inside of our house, and yet there is still more to do. I can just feel the humm of the extension plugs now...... Posted by Picasa

Training Your Cat

I know training you cat can be difficult, after all they are very strong willed creatures but with a little time and practice you to can get you cat to eat at the table. I'm struggling a bit getting her to grasp the fork without a thumb but I'm sure I'll be able to get around that in time. The real problem is getting her off the phone, see just takes it every where she goes and its all meow, meow, meow. Drives me mental. Posted by Picasa