Thursday, December 1

Christmas is Coming!

How do I know this?... Just look at the pic of our home this morning. Don't it look lovely.
Jax spend the whole of yesterday putting up Christmas lights and decorating the inside of our house, and yet there is still more to do. I can just feel the humm of the extension plugs now...... Posted by Picasa


Blogger Psycho Cannon said...

I stopped putting up lights in Luton when I realised it attracted every pill head from a 5 mile radius at club closing time :P

9:32 am  
Anonymous Ed said...

Looks very pretty. Bet PJ loves it. We're doing ours this weekend. I had some lights that flashed and chased in sequence in a rowan tree out front last year and it was such a job getting them in the tree that I decided to leave them there. But then I ran over the cable with the grasscutter so I have to try to repair the damage. Oops.

3:09 pm  

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