Thursday, November 24

A New Song to Sing.

At the moment, when PJ goes up to bed just after his bath and while he's being dried and 'baby creamed' I sing him some songs. Mainly as it calms him down and makes him smile, but also its a nice interaction between me and him. As I don't get to see him much during the day due to my long hours.
At the moment I've be singing 'Hush Little Baby', 'Would You Like To Swing On A Star', and 'Somewhere Over A Rainbow'.
How about some suggestions..... oh and a need the words to print out as I have a terrible memory.



Anonymous Ed said...

By 'Hush Little Baby' do you mean 'Daddy's gonna buy you a mocking bird'?

SAA used to love the songs from the Grace Kelly film, High Society. So - True Love, High Society,and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Can't beat a Cornish song 'Going Up Camborne Hill' and the Grand Ol' Duke of York. Oh yeah, she liked 'Puppet on a String' too.

With the GODOY, I used to do some actions too - would start by holding SAA on the floor, and gradually lift her up - so by the time we got to 10,000 men she was at knee height - gradually getting faster so at 'the top of the hill' she was as high as I could get her. And then at 'down again' she was practically on the floor. When 'they were up' - I practically threw her at the ceiling - 'when they were down' she was on the floor again - 'half way up' as stated and at the end a very quick right up and right down. She loved it, used to squeal with delight. Same with Puppet on a String, lots of actions you can do, it's a nice happy song.

If you want the words to the others, I'll type em out and pm/email you.

8:49 pm  
Blogger Psycho Cannon said...

Ahh thats sweet :D

*digs through his collection for appropriate ideas*

Hmmm, Mariyn Enemy...err...this may take a while

11:51 am  
Anonymous The Missus said...

baby creamed??? :-0 You mean lotion.....

11:40 pm  

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