Thursday, November 3

You know your a old man when....

you get excited about the idea of saving money via 'Morrisons Miles' card. The scheme means that for every litre for fuel I buy I get 15 Morrisons miles, and once I've got 4995 miles on a single card I get 5 pounds back on me shopping. Oh ain't it great, and it will only take me 25 days. So how much fuel do I use?? Sums anyone? (corrected) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Ed said...

It's sums, not math!!

You get 15 MMs per litre, and you need 4,995 MMs for a £5er discount. So, to fill each card needs 4995/15 = 333 litres. You take 25 days to fill a card, so you use 333/25 = 13.32 litres a day. 13.32/4.5 = 2.96 gallons a day. Your bike probably does around 40 - 43mpg, so you ride around 120 - 130 miles a day.

Green bear to Ed please :D

1:55 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

Green bear? Well done.. I'll give you a gold star ;-)

2:01 pm  
Blogger SafeTinspector said...

Crap, I figured it to be 655CC per diem

11:06 am  

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