Wednesday, February 22

Trip to the Spinnaker Tower

Now that the Spinnaker Tower is now open me and the family fanceid a trip there, we'd all been ill and stuck in the house so we thought we'd get it in before the school halft term kicked in. We got there about 4:30 and got to watch the sun go down, I also enjoyed the view from the glass floor which you will see from the pics, as did PJ.
But first a few facts...
The Spinnaker Tower is a £35million, UK Millennium Commission sponsored project aimed at transforming the waterfront of Portsmouth and Gosport. It forms the focal point of a £200M regeneration of the Portsmouth Harbour area and adds a new international landmark to the South Coast of Britain. Designed by Scott Wilson Advanced Technology group, LUSAS Civil & Structural analysis software was used by Scott Wilson’s London office for an independent Category III check of the original design for the client Portsmouth City Council.

* Spinnaker Tower is a concrete, steel and composite structure that rises 170m from the sea adjacent to Gunwharf Quays. It has three tourist viewing platforms at heights of 100, 105 and 110m that offer extensive views over Portsmouth harbour and beyond.

* It is constructed upon a 3m thick pile cap and founded on 84 piles, and comprises two inclined slip-formed hexagonal concrete shafts, of 6m across,
which merge into a single shaft at 70m. One shaft contains an internal express lift and the other shaft carries a panoramic external lift up the seaward face.

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Friday, February 3

How Far!

I just want to mark this moment in our cars history, 100000 miles!
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