Thursday, August 31

Marmite Biscuits

I still feel like crap but these are making me feel a little bit better about myself, even though my ear aches like a stinker. They are Marmite biscuits with soft cheese and cranberry sauce, they also make a nice pattern with there hexagonal shape... Oh hours of fun playin with my food.
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Tuesday, August 29

Week Long Illness

Those of you that know me, will also know that I don't get ill that often. I do have some problems with IBS and have had some time off due to the odd foolish person ramming me and my bike. This last week I've been off with dizziness, sickness, tempriture, ear infection and now it blocked up so I'm deaf in one ear plus lovely tinnitus. As you can imagine I'm back to the docs this morning... So feel free to add lots of awh comments...

Tuesday, August 15

4th Bedroom

Well had a very quite weekend, the A Class broke down shedding the main altinator/water pump belt and wrapping it round the front axel. So I had no car, so all the places I planned on getting PJ out to went out of window. So we stayed around Cosham with a visit to the park and playing in the garden. PJ seems to love our new "4th Bedroom", hidding in it when I chased around the garden, screaming with glee (well it seemed like glee)... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 8

4 Days

Jax is away on a biking weekend, from Thursday to Sunday. So it will just be me and PJ for 4 days...
So what will we get up to?
Where will we go?
Who shall we see?

You'll just have to wait to find out...