Thursday, August 31

Marmite Biscuits

I still feel like crap but these are making me feel a little bit better about myself, even though my ear aches like a stinker. They are Marmite biscuits with soft cheese and cranberry sauce, they also make a nice pattern with there hexagonal shape... Oh hours of fun playin with my food.
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Blogger SafeTinspector said...

What makes the biscuits "marmite" biscuits?
Also, cranberries suck ass.
I find your breakfast singularly unsatisfying.

12:33 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

They have just the slight hint of Marmite tang to them, which sets of with the cheese just lovely.
I don't like cranberry juice though.
And how cna you say that, have you tried! Don't you even like there lovely shape?

4:45 pm  
Blogger SafeTinspector said...

In the US they put cranberries in every damn thing.
They must think we all have urinary infections.
Plus it is customary to eat them at Thanksgiving Dinner in either whole or jellied form.
I don't like 'em. They're hateful and disgusting and they suck ass.

12:21 am  
Blogger Dan said...

Only Ass Sucking...

10:23 am  

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