Tuesday, June 20

See Five

Sinclair C5 that is, the original 80's transport dream that never was. Invented by Sir Clive Sinclair, it was a 99lb battery-powered, one-seater tricycle with a white plastic body. Overall, it measures 2'6" wide, 2'6" high, and 6'6" long.
Launched in Britain on 10 January 1985 Relatively cheap to purchase (it sold for £399 + £29 for delivery), it quickly became an object of popular ridicule, and was a commercial disaster, with only around 17,000 being sold.
Faced by a string of adverse publicity and disappointing sales, Sinclair Vehicles went into liquidation in October 1985.
People also do know that recent legislation allows it to be classed as an 'electrically assisted pedal-cycle', so could be driven by over 14Â's without insurance, drivilicensence, road tax or crash helmet.
I still remember the slot it got on Tomorrows World, a topical technology TV show that is now also in the past.
I was chuffed to see it, spoke to the bloke who owns it and he managed to picked it up for only £35. Has even got it up to 35mph, said its a tad hair-raising though. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous pete said...

how d do d dan i wont charge you for the pic thanks for getting its best side people may mock they may stare but its diferent still scarry to think they made a one off that reached 155mph!!!! nutters. c5 is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:13 pm  
Blogger SafeTinspector said...

Looks as if you sit mighty low in this thing.
At such a cheap price and all, what was the negative press?

11:33 am  

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