Friday, May 19

Egg Head

PJ yesterday took it upon himself to liven our day by knocking himself unconscious, as you do. He was trying to climb the book shelf in the backroom which Jax and I have told him off about time and time again. As you may guess he didn't really take notice and decided to give it go again yesterday morning while I was traveling to work. Jax nipped into the kitchen and came back to find him with his feet on the bottom shelf. It toppled over and knocked him face first in to the carpet which gave him a nose bleed and whacked him on the back of the skull, knocking him out. Jax was panic stricken as he seemed to go rather quiet, and called a ambulance and then called me, by which time he seemed to be bit woozy but was voicing his opinion of the incident.
I rang Jax back as I was still traveling to work when she called and waited for the ambulance to turn up before I left. They said they wouldn't take him in as he was hit on the thick part of his skull (making a nice egg) and his nose was just bleeding from being mushed into the carpet. But to give it a little time and try to clear the clot and if things don't improve take him to the docs. So I came home from my short half-hour working day and by the time I got there he seemed to be right as rain, climbing the furniture again and causing general havoc. When exactly do kids learn fear??


Blogger SafeTinspector said...

My daughter is five. I rode a ferris wheel gondala ride at a local carnival.

She still hasn't learned fear....

1:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work as a Paramedic and leaving a kid at home thats had a whack on the head and been ko'd is gross negligence. could be all sorts going on inside the skull....

glad it worked out ok though.

12:13 am  

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