Monday, May 8

PJ's Rather Quiet

Jax was out Saturday night and Sunday morning living it up in the 'exciting' town of Farnbough. So while she was away I had little PJ to myself. He was a little bit teary as he's got a bit of a cold and the constant wiping of his nose gets him rather stressed. So while I went into the other room to do something I left PJ with his toys. After about 5-10 mins I thought to myself, PJ's rather quiet. Went into the living room to find this; first pic on the right.
After that morning of wanton toilet paper destruction and frustration venting PJ was getting a little teary, so I gave him a cuddle. 2 minutes in my arms and he nodded off, so I sat there for a hour and let him snooze. Posted by Picasa



Blogger SafeTinspector said...'re such a nice daddy.
I would've put the kid in a bed and went back to surfing porno.

11:28 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

I think I will next time, all that porn don't get surfed on its own. lol.

10:46 am  

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