Sunday, April 16

Huge Sunday Dinner

Ain't Sunday dinner in the England great, my wife lovingly prepared us a huge feast of roasted potatoes, parsnips and carrots, runner-beans, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, all with corn fed chicken and duck covered in gravey. Followed by 2 puddings of our choice. So much so that we where able to have bubble and squeak the following day, and the puddings again! Yummy, I love being married to a chef. Though it does take it toll on my waist line, thanks for dinner Jaxs. It was great as usual!

I've only attached a selection of photos of the food as I got distracted by the feast and forgot to snap the rest of it.
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Anonymous The Missus said...

We had roasted Gressingham duck & corn-fed chicken, roasted potatoes, honey roasted parsnips & chanterey carrots with coriander, mashed swede with butter and fresh nutmeg, leeks in mornay sauce, french beans, yorkshire pudding, sausagemeat stuffing and gravy... dessert was sao chocolate torte with fresh raspberries or red cherry and amarretto torte....

it's no wonder we're fat. Our poor poor arteries.

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