Wednesday, April 5

Some one fell though roof and knocked over my bike

Some little chav shit was running along the garage roofs at the back of Jax Mums house last night (4th April) and fell though the roof! Knocked over my other SV (on its Abba stand) and then buggered off, the police have taken a age to get there. And then won't get a SOCO (Scene of Crime Office) to have a look as there is a risk the roof was asbestos. Even though there is a huge foot print ,and probably loads of finger prints on the bike as he got up off it. I've had to leave the bike half tipped over till tomorrow to see if we can confirm if its asbestos and see if the SOCO will come out then.
Got a good id from a neighbor though.


Blogger SafeTinspector said...

I am unfamiliar with this "chav" of which you speak.

The SOCO people are wussies! Put a wee mask on and do your job, people.

12:41 am  
Blogger Dan said...

From Wikipedia:
Though "chav" has similarities to American terms such as "white trash" and "trailer trash", it does not bear the racial overtones of its American counterparts, and, according to the stereotype, many supposed chavs belong to multi-ethnic inner city communities such as London council estates. From its origins as a slang term use of the word spread rapidly so that by 2004 it had become a hugely popular word in national newspapers and common parlance in the UK.

11:21 am  
Blogger SafeTinspector said...

Ah. Trailer trash is usually white, where chav is multi-ethnic.

Got it.

We have race specific epithets for the rest of our ignorati.

12:06 am  
Blogger Dan said...

Jax told me the other day, its...
Council House And Violent.

8:32 am  

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