Thursday, April 20

Wookey Fur-Ball aka Wookey Hole

Some of this blog has been stolen from an e-mail that Jax sent, thanks…

Saturday - We drove 2hrs to Wookey Hole in Somerset; PJ was very good on the journey and only started to get stress as we got about 20 minutes away. Then we paid extortionate amount to carry small squirming child round dark, damp cramped cave (which pissed us off coz we'd just paid a tenner to hire a buggy which they said could be used in the cave, and if they meant "use to find muscle pain you never knew could exist by carrying the shitty fucking buggy", then I guess that the term 'for use in cave' is justified), saw the 20' x 10' "wonder"* that is 'Dinosaur Vally' (and that's NOT my spelling mistake, that's the way the sign had been carved then someone added a painted-on 'E' and we're all supposed not to notice, well Jax did I completely missed it), gazed** at 'Fairy Walk', marvelled*** at the papermill for a whole 5 minutes, bought 2 icecreams for a fiver, then embarked on the 2 hour drive home. All for only £20 in diesel and £22 to get in, plus ice cream mortgage... I mean money. So get your coat....!!!! And go to Wookey Hole (as in, in hole in the ground near where Satan lives).

Next time we might try Cheddar Caves, as its just up the road though its probably best that we wait till PJ is walking a bit more as I don’t fancy carrying him round that one too. The other option is stick to the local attraction like Bird World, or Staunton Country Park. While the websites ain't quiet as flashy I'm sure the attactions could stand on there own as easily more interesting that Wookey Fur-Ball... sorry Wookey Hole.

*Wonder - as in, 'We wondered why the fuck we're looking at this teeny tiny patch of land with plastic chipped dinosaurs that kids can't climb on'. Wonder - as in, 'We wondered why they bothered to build it'. And I won't even mention King Kong. More like Queen Kong. Certainly wasn't King Dong.

** Gazed - coz Fairy Walk, you can't actually walk around. It's on an island in a river. An island with no bridge. And even if you could get there, it's only 6' x 10' so it's hardly an orienteering challenge.

*** Marveled - coz the papermill is there, but no-one's working it. In 1987 when Jax went last.... back in the good ole days.... you could stand on the gantry and watch them make paper, listen to the commentary, truly marvel at the sights, sounds and smells. Now you can sit in the museum cinema and slip into a coma at the continuous Twilight Zone loop that is 'How we made paper!!' Then, when you think you're gonna burst with the thrill of it all, you can watch a pierced 17yr old 'demonstrate' in 2 minutes, the art which took a grown man and many prior generations 100's of years to perfect.


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That is AWESOME! I wanna go there just to heckle the hired help.

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