Monday, April 17

Playzone the BIG RED ONE!

Over the 'Bank holiday Easter' weekend we took PJ to playzone, its go a nice soft area that the nippers can run around in. Thus you don't have to worry to much about them bumping there heads.
Now PJ loves going on the big multi-coloured slide with me on the matt, but today I though maybe he'd like to have a go with on the blue slide. It has a bit of a drop, but it does have a ball pit at the end. As you can see from the pic on the right. He did enjoy it but I think he prefure's the multi-coloured slide more.
While he was playing I thought I'd have a go on the 'BIG' red slide, this has 2 drops. Which when you drop off allows you to fall a few feet before the curve catches you. With the high drop allowing about 8ft before the curve kicks in. Now I've been thrown out of a plane before (tandem skydive) but it is no where near the same as its just so close. So I was a tad apprehensive (don't really like heights!), I tucked my arms in as advised and dropped off... I wasn't really prepared for the drop and mistakenly allowed my arms to untuck, and 'burnt' my arm from the friction! Ouch! What a drop! I'll do it again, but next time I'll keep those arms tucked in or maybe wear a long sleeved shirt.

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