Thursday, May 11

Comic Chat

When I was still a very young man and the internet was only available to you on 14k, 28k, and later 33k modems. I had a PC, with a 28k internet connection that I paid £14.99 (I think) a month for. I browsed the internet with its simple pages, and the odd flashy one that had frames while chatting to people on MS Comic Chat. But MS in there wisdom got rid of MS chat some time in 2001.
But still we chat, over MSN messager, AOL, yahoo, ICQ, or a Linux clone. You know what, I miss Comic Chat. I loved the way your little persons expression would change, the little speach bubbles that formed, and the way it reacted to some words. I had lots of friends all over the world that I chated to, that I now will probably never talk to again. But then I found this...

So I can Comic chat again, Woo hoo! Now just need to get it setup sometime one night.


Blogger SafeTinspector said...

What did you find? I find no links in your post!

7:03 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

Using my cunning and wisdom I have carefull but yet easily placed the html link in the image!

11:23 pm  

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