Wednesday, May 17

My World Rule

I've been thinking about this some more as I seem to have been rather distracted by something rather important. That’s having a life, I’m always busy and there is always something that needs doing. Even when there is free time it’s taken up with some sort of past-time, activity or socializing. This has made me think some more about current and past rulers, dictators and other such people. Where they just bored? Did they just not have enough in the life to fill up that free time, so filled it out with some sort of dictatorship/rule/presidency.

I look at this in the same way for the rule of the once British Empire, we invaded everywhere, bossed everyone about, and general got hated by everyone. Why did we do this? I feel it was down to the following: Lack of central heating causing us to constantly look for somewhere warmer and drier. But once found that place we’d complain about the hot weather and lack of decent rain. Could it also be simply down to boredom? I mean if you had a choice between shaving sheep, ploughing fields and working in a mine what would you do (not that these are not honourable jobs, just not for everyone). That does not explain the people who lead them there, the snobs, toffs, over educated and general upper class (I’m sure this was not true of all of them too). But there lays the problem, not much to do, all the foxes have been chased, books read, workers whipped, vast fortunes gambled away. You need some more sport, some sort of activity... So off round the world you go. Conquering new places with lots of people lesser then you (in their eyes) that you can fight, rule, and force to do your bidding.
But the world grew up, life got better (so they say) the gaps between the rich and poor became smaller and the countries you took over became angry.
Then the corgi engineer came round and put in gas central heating, with hot running water and visits to the warmer places became just to bothersome. Entertainment industry took off and everyone became busier trying to survive.
So what’s all this got to do with my future world rule... nothing, I just had a thought and wanted to share.
But I do plan to keep my people quiet with a free xbox/PS/nintendo and lots of central heating/air conditioning. After all if it’s to nice indoors to go out who's going to oppose my world rule.

Note: None of the comments above are based on any facts, truths, or even thought though in any amount. It’s just a rambling so treat it as such.


Blogger SafeTinspector said...

I think there was a certain element of greed and hubris involved in empire as well. In fact, I would put boredom fairly low on the list of key reasons for conquering large swaths of the Earth.
Oh, and tea. No reason to rule Asia otherwise, really.

9:21 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

While I don't discount greed, or hubris, I feel that boredom kind of kicked started it all off.
But the point about Tea is rather good.

11:38 am  
Blogger SafeTinspector said...

Very well, boredom stands!

1:04 pm  

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