Monday, January 23

Futures so bright I gota wear shades....

Jax got PJ some shades this weekend due to his constant squinting in the bright light. He loves them, I thought he'd want them off. But when you stick them on him he just grins the whole time. Same his nose is a bit small for them so they keep slippin off, looks like he'll have to wait a few more months for his nose to grow so they fit. lol. Posted by Picasa


Monday, January 16

New post of my other blog

New post entitled 'Damaged for Life' on my bikersview blog

Wednesday, January 11

Something worth looking at...

I'll be watching this site with keen interest:

Crush my 307

Have a look too....

The things that PJ can now do!

Over the last few weeks PJ has real started to do a lot more, his development just seems to be shooting along. All of which keeps surprising me. As you can see in the pic he's now holding himself up and standing, along with crawling and sitting happily. He's also started saying a few things, it was just mainly Mumma. At his mum, at the cat, at me, at his dummy, but after lots of coaching he now says Dadda. Which is lovely, so now I've got to find some more words to say at him... but what? Posted by Picasa


Wednesday, January 4

Baby Gap

In the snow.. only the best for Young Peter John... ;-)
Thanks to ebay..... Posted by Picasa


Baby shoes in the Snow

PJ's first foot prints in the snow.... Posted by Picasa


Christmas Buffet

So after a hartty Christmas meal with the family at lunch, you'd think that we would sit down in the evening to a light snack of maybe cheese and crackers.
No... As you see Jax prepared us a hartty buffet of lots of lovely meats, bread, cheese, snacks and more... Plus the lovely Christmas cake which was just oozzingly soggy with brandy.
I think if you'd have poked me I'd have popped. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 2

........... (Caption Comp)

I can't think of a title for this one.. can you?
What do you win? My admiration, and the knowledge that you little bit more cleaver than me when it comes to snappy titles. Posted by Picasa


PJ Santa

I know I haven't posted much over this festive session but as you can imagine things have been very busy. And even after this rather mental Christmas and New Year I'm back to work tomorrow (for a break! lol. Its been lovely really). So here's a nice happy pic of PJ in his festive Santa Suit. Posted by Picasa