Sunday, October 31

Give me your brains...


Friday, October 29

Evil cake...

If you get the chance head down to Maiden dungeon at 188 Shoreditch High Street tomorrow, they only have 666 a day. Most of todays are already gone, you have till Sunday.

Monday, October 25

St Pauls

Don't the evening light make it all dramatic.

Sunday, October 24

Guess my Emotion...

This journey upto Nodnol is bloody hot, but can you guess how I feel about it from my face?


Friday, October 22

Bowler today

Almost at the office, bags all packed ready for my trip home tonight.


Thursday, October 21

Bowler today and delayed train again

Waitin on my train for the 3rd time this week, trains seem to be almost only running late. Going to probably get worse to with how cold the weather is getting.


Sunday, October 10

PJ at Gosport beach.

We all went down to the beach today, after falling over and banging his knee we walked out on to the shingle bank.


Friday, October 8

Bowler time!


Wednesday, October 6

Reflections on the Tube.

Look its me in my bowler, don't I look funky.


Bowler time

Out and about in London, miss the tash though.


Sunday, October 3


PJ enjoyed his egg for tea, though he decided it must be crushed once it was done.