Wednesday, July 11

True Blue...

That me, blue, with a red star... why not, not sure why myself, but its one of those things. People seem to like it and I've even managed to get way with it at work. But then it is IBM, and IBM is the blue company.

So what do you think, signs of some sort of mid-life crissis... and the star is red, not pink.


Wednesday, July 4

Hair today...

Gone for work on Monday... that is I've had to shave my blue hair and beard off, due to the nature of my work I can't really keep it. I still have a blue line down the middle that I will have to wait to grow out abit. But I do kind of miss it all now, almost to the point that I'd like the idea of having it all blue. Might have to see if I can find anything specific that say I can't.