Sunday, March 26

Rainy Day

It was wet on Sunday, so wet that when sat in the car up the hill only a few feet from the burger van I decided that I didn't really want a tea that bad.
PJ didn't seem to care though and slept though the whole thing. I must say it was the wettest Sunday I've seen in a while, felt like it was raining forever. But enough with my stereo typical Enlishness of taking about the weather and on to other things. Not sure what those other things are as I'm just thinking about the weather now, and how I'd love to be out on the bike on a cool summers afternoon. With nothing to slow me down but the tightness of a bend or the occasional suicidal pigeon. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22

Late night snack of the gods

Don't know what to eat, but want something 'savory' with a little tang? But not to much. Try the food of the gods, as recommended by me, your future world ruler. They are the striking tastes of the Chicken Bovril and Marmite on toast, 2 spreads that are so amazin in there taste that they both require a equal slice of toasted bread to promote there flavoursom enjoyment. If you don't like the taste on toast then they can also be added to hot water to make a rather tasty drink. They do have more uses but I won't go into them now, but I will say try marmite on your full English, just a little on the egg and sausage, oh I'm so much more hungry now. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 21

1st Birthday

It was PJ's first birthday this month and we had a little party, some family where invited over. Finger food and cake was eaten and some pictures where taken. Of which I'll be adding onto here, also that day we took him to Play Zone. A sort of kiddies 'soft' play park indoors, which he seemed to love. We chased him around, played in the ball pit, let him shout a bit, stare at the other toddlers and generally have a good time. Great fun, he even loved going down the big slide on the mat between my legs...


Friday, March 17

RSS Feed

The both sites now have RSS feeds for you ease of updates...


Things with strange names

I mean why? Why call them Benders? They are stirrers, is Benders the brand name?
But there are a lot of them, benders that is, all ready to stir my tea/coffee/choco-milk. Mmmh choco-milk, not good for me but yummy. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 2

Back on a SV again (echo)

So happy...
Its great! After almost a year of not having ridden one it feels so good. Oh and the power! I forgot about it all, and the engine braking. Though it is a little strange being so close to the ground again, I'm going to have to ease myself back in to the cornering, with all the ice and snow it made me a little paranoid.
So other then the sticky brakes and the snow on the bike it was great morning!

So if you want to love your bike again, go get your sv smashed up by a recovery company, ride a old Kawaka GT about for a year then get another sv from you mate Steve to replace the GT and love the SV again. The smashed up one is being moved into the back garden in the summer for 'best'.

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