Monday, April 23

Basket Helmet II the Continuing Story

Well here they are, the original helmet a few months on and a new addition a few weeks old. My Caberg J1 Plus flip front, which looks much better then I expected. Maybe its because its white I wasn't to sure, but it seems to work just fine. Though I expect it's due to the plants that Jax picked for it, as at the moment they contrast the helmet rather nicely and it stands out from the wall well.
So thanks Jax for the lovely use of my old helmets, it makes a great choice other then just throwing them in the bin. Plus I'm sure its given the neighbours something to think about.

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Monday, April 9

Hair CutP

Both me and PJ and had our hair cut by Jax, though I'm now sporting a new facial hair design.

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Saturday, April 7

Words from Two

Every day it seems PJ's vocabulary gets stronger though his choice of words can be a little strange. Like at the moment he loves Thomas the Tank Engine, yet does he say Thomas? Nope he went for Harold, or Harood as he says it. Cars becomes ars, thank you is ank oooh, and best of all is one, two, three, which on, ooow, eeeee, with a very high pitched three to finsh it.
The one thing that does tug at you heart strings when he cries Addy in that teary, snotty, way that toddlers do.


Monday, April 2

Basket Head

OK, not strictly true that it's a 'basket head' more a 'basket helmet' but it sounds good. But how did this come to be you might ask? Maybe not then, but I'm going to elaborate anyway. After all, if your here reading this then you must have some interest in whats going on in this world of mine. Or it just gives you a good giggle every now and again, not that I claim to be a comic genius, after reading some of the posts that 'SafeT' writes I laugh out loud. Anyway, I'm just rambling, typing what ever spiel comes into my head at the moment. So the 'basket helmet'...
Jax has had this idea for a while and I had a old helmet that I no longer wear due to its old age, I know it doesn't look to bad. But I do allot of riding and I try to replace my helmets at least every 4 years, this is due to the fact that the material in the helmet takes allot of abuse. Exposure to things like rain, dirt, hair grease and other things. So you can't be sure that its still to the same standard a new helmet is, on top of that the helmet has take a few knocks and bumps over the years so 4 is a good age. Anyway Jax had a idea to make a hanging basket from the helmet, but never got round to it, till last week. When she bought it in to the living room and asked me to rip the liner and foam padding out, just leaving the polycarbonate shell. Jax then slowly drilled 3 holes for the chain, attached, lined, filled with dirt, and then planted. So there you are, don't it look lovely and unique.
(duel post, also in 'bikers view' blog)

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