Tuesday, April 27

Sheep fail!

None of the sides joined me. Grass and the sound of water flowin all to myself.

The sheep experiment. Empty grass and sunshine...

Note the empty grass on a sunny day and yet no signs sayin keep off. I will fight the flow and see who joins me.

Thursday, April 22

Trails in the sky.

Well the planes are back up again, if not from the news then atleast evident from there trails in the sky. Even though I'm a logical man and planes crashing to the ground is bad for business I still feel as though there has been some pressure on the gov bodies to get them back up. I'll stick to trains myself till its all properly 'blows over' as they say.

Wednesday, April 21

Standing in the road.

They have closed half the road so I took the time to get this shot of St Pauls and the square that I wouldn't normally be able to get. As you can see from the lighting the sun is just going down behind the buildings behind me.

Monday, April 19

Lunch at St Pauls, in the sun.

Sunshine and cockles almost makes the Monday blue go away...

Sunday, April 18

Just a small spider

When we where gardening today Jax found this small spider and PJ had a look.

Friday, April 16

Looking lovely in Nodnol today.

Ain't it glorious when the sun is out. The pointy contrasting bit is the City of London information building. Thought it looked rather cool with St Pauls behind it.

Tuesday, April 6

A Wasted Vote...

So the election is due, but like normal no one under the age of 60 will vote. And those that do will not vote for the party they want as they will feel its a wasted vote, well it will be a wasted vote if you don't. So don't come moaning to me if we get a Conservative or Labour government again.

Monday, April 5

Jax's easter feast.

Yum, yum, yum.

Making Cakes

Jax and PJ are making more yummy cakes, as all the easter themed ones have gone now. Given away to lots of different people...

Friday, April 2

New yum, yums,..

Wow look at this new lovely splendor I can now enjoy on the move. I love you Marmite...

Thursday, April 1

Good morning world!

Sitting at the station waiting on my train, enjoying my music and the sun. So far a nice day...