Tuesday, November 29


Brurr.. I want to be able to feel my finger and toes please...
The image was found on Google images search, it was the first thing to come up when I searched for 'cold'.

Friday, November 25


Are we cruel?
They looked pretty cool to me, PJ and his new 'teddy' ears.
He does look rather happy about it though.
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Thursday, November 24

A New Song to Sing.

At the moment, when PJ goes up to bed just after his bath and while he's being dried and 'baby creamed' I sing him some songs. Mainly as it calms him down and makes him smile, but also its a nice interaction between me and him. As I don't get to see him much during the day due to my long hours.
At the moment I've be singing 'Hush Little Baby', 'Would You Like To Swing On A Star', and 'Somewhere Over A Rainbow'.
How about some suggestions..... oh and a need the words to print out as I have a terrible memory.


Wednesday, November 23

Its to cold.. and set to get colder.

Ok, I'm getting sick of it now, cold, painful fingers, cold toes, cold knees, cold jumpy bike. So I'm out at lunch looking to see what extra winter gear I can get. Probably that tasteful accessory the handlebar muff, but hey, its warm hands that I'm looking for. Oh and a coat hanger, to stiffen it out else I might find it pressing my brakes at high speed!
As for the bike... it will be getting some Silkolene Pro FST, hopefully get rid of that anoying carb icing problem. The previous owner had given me some Pro Boost, which helps a little bit but isn't really the right stuff. Does give the bike a little bit more umph though.

Thursday, November 17

Mobile on the Move

Some of you may not be aware but in the UK now its illegal to use your hand held mobile phone while driving. Something us bikers are glad of, as car have enough distractions with out them driving with one had on the phone to the there partner/lover/boss/both/eta, and not seeing us.
But it seems the closer I get to London the less this law applies to the people around it. Today I had to resist the urge as I filtered though traffic (not illegal I might add) to tell some woman off. I was thinking of tapping on the window and saying something.. but what????? " Excuse me, do you mind paying attention to the road please, some of use are trying to get from A to B without betting knocked off."
And if she ignored me? Rev the bike until she hangs up?... mmmh sounds like a plan.
Feel free to add some more suggestions.
(repeated in my other blog as I thought it was important)

Monday, November 14

Taken the Plunge

I've done it, I've installed Linux. I've split the disk into 2 partitions and put Linux on the second partition. Seems to be working well, able to get on to the internet and all the attached devices are working. Installed Mozilla OK, though I have been unable to get the 'Open Office' software to work and share my printers over the network.
Though most of SuSe seems to be fine it appears the version I have is rather old, with SuSe now being at version 10 and I'm on 9.1. Plus I'm not sure I like how it looks and feels, so I may have to have a look at some of the other versions, like RedHat or something.... Any suggestions anyone? Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 11

A New Word...

I will be the puissant world ruler.. Nice.

Thursday, November 10

Poppy Appeal and 2 Minutes Silence

Don't forget that tomorrow's 11th November at the 11th hour is 2 minutes silence for all those that have lost their lives in the conflicts over the years. More information can be found on the poppy appeal website:
Support The Poppy Appeal 2005

PJ's not been well

PJ's not be well this week, starting with what appeared to be a ear infection. After we had been out to the doctors Sunday, we got given some antibiotics. It got so bad Wednesday that a doc was called out again that morning. He gave PJ a examination and recommend that he be take down to the hospital, which Jax did. After a long wait (which seems to be the norm in all NHS hospitals now), PJ was seen and they said that he had Bronchiolitis: inflammation of the bronchioles, the smallest air passages of the lung. In a typical case, an infant under twelve months of age develops cough, wheeze and shortness of breath over one or two days. The infant may be breathless for several days. After the acute illness, it is common for the airways to remain sensitive for several weeks, leading to recurrent cough and wheeze. There is a possible link with later asthma: possible explanations are that bronchiolitis causes asthma by inducing long term inflammation, or that children who are destined to be asthmatic are more prone to develop bronchiolitis.
All the symtons he had, we've also been told that his lungs are now scarred for life so if he gets any other chest infections then it may sound very hoarse and have a very bad cough. I wasn't able to go to the hospital with Jax, something I feel rather bad about. But I've had rather a lot of time off work and I'm a little concerned for my job, as my managers not happy about it all. So I had to attend as we can't afford me to loose it, but it still don't make me feel any better.
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Tuesday, November 8

More Fancy Dress Photo's

For you enjoyment he are some more lovely photo's from the party, this time take by my Dad at the event. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 7

Fancy Dress Party

Over the weekend my wife and I went to a fancy dress party for my Aunti Lisa's 40th birthday.
I went as Sir Jimmy Saville and Jax went as Cruella DeVille, as you can see from the rather lovely photo.

There where lots of other people there but I only managed to get thse pics on my camera phone, the others I have yet to off load from the digital camera. They are my Cousin Lee and his G/F Yvette, Aunti Leslie and Yvette again, and my Uncle Alan. They went as the Scooby Gang, Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy. Though Lee stole my glasses so in the first pic he looks a bit like Michael Caine.

Thursday, November 3

You know your a old man when....

you get excited about the idea of saving money via 'Morrisons Miles' card. The scheme means that for every litre for fuel I buy I get 15 Morrisons miles, and once I've got 4995 miles on a single card I get 5 pounds back on me shopping. Oh ain't it great, and it will only take me 25 days. So how much fuel do I use?? Sums anyone? (corrected) Posted by Picasa

And they set the tiles free!

My wife just called to say she saw one of the roof tiles blown off and hit the car bumper. Argh, not good, I knew it was windy but not that much. The BBC web site says 34 mph winds, something to look forward to on my journey home later.

Wednesday, November 2

Busy, Busy, Busy.

I know I haven't blogged much lately, but I've had rather a busy week at home and alot of work on so there hasn't really been the time.
Me, Jax and PJ are planning to go up Portsdown hill in Portsmouth (probably with a few hunderd other people) to watch the anual fireworks. But looking at the weather it could be rather a damp affair so we might just watch them from our back garden, it only down the road so we should be able to see it just fine. Plus as I won't be home till 7:30 I might have a little trouble rushing to get up there. Might have some pic's if it all goes well.