Friday, May 30

Accident Update

As you my have read on my other blog, last week I had a bit of a accident. Namely that some fool pulled a u-turn in front of my meaning I had to pull a emergency stop, a bit to hard, the bike flipped and crushed me, though there is more on my 'Bikers View' blog. The long and short of it is that I saw my doctor again today as my chest is rather pain full as I have a suspected 'cracked rib', but the pain with it seems to be slowly getting worse. So I have a appointment at QA Monday to get a x-ray done and see if there is anything they might have missed.

Tuesday, May 20

Lazy Sunday afternoon

After a long day fixing the bike, entertaining a few people who popped in to see us and a few other chores round the place I had a little sit down in the sun. PJ decided to join me which was nice.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Monday, May 5

Problems with Shed, got the Professionals in...

Had some problems buildin the shed so as you can see we got the professionals in... lol.

From Shed
Also the original post link has now been updated with more photos.

Sunday, May 4

The shed build.

Well I have managed to aquire all the stuff I need for the shed, base of flagstones from Freeads, the shed from Friday Ads, and a trailer on hire from Blendworth Trailer hire. So after a tiring day shifting all this stuff and lifting the shed over our neighbours wall to get it in the garden, I and Alex are extremely fecked. But here's a few photo's to show the progress.