Monday, May 31

Garden Hedgehog

Jelly's go crazy...

Argh jelly madness!

Sunday, May 30

BBQ Time


PJ playin at a party

Party at Portsmouth gymnastic center...


Wednesday, May 19

Forever Birds at Elephant and Castle.

Elephant at the Castle as it should be. Lol.

Elephant Untitled, Utopia and James Bond.

Woo hoo more elephants

Elephant Deliverance

Elephant Brambles

Elephant Shaant Haathi

Elephants Sally and Maureen

Found some at last.

Somerset House.

The elephants are being difficult to find but this is rather nice.

degustibus @St Pauls

If your in the area they do a very nice Antipasto Misto

Tuesday, May 18

Around the World and Mayur Gajendra Elephants.

Two more over by London Bridge.

Monday, May 17


Standin' at the station.

The City Thames station.

Out the sun under the ground.
Away from the song of birds and the sun that shines.

Standin' tappin on my phone in this unnatural world.


Elephant Parade 'Cosmos & Elephant Race'

These two charmin chaps are outside the Royal Exchange, Bank.

Elephant Parade 'Hope'

Outside the BT buildig Newgate.

Saturday, May 15

PJ playin in the park on the rocks.

Though there fake plastic rocks...

Chocolates from Belgian for Jax.

Friday, May 14

Elephant Parade

This time in Bow Churchyard next to the statue of Captain John Smith.

Wednesday, May 12

Another one has turned up.

Look another elephant...

Baby Elephant

A new statue just up from the Millenium Bridge to highlight the plight of elephants.

Tuesday, May 11

New Screen Saver?

The screen that greeted me this morning when I tried to look at my phone. Wouldn't even clear after I rebooted it too.

Saturday, May 1

Plasticine fun.

Can you name what some of then are?