Wednesday, December 30

Turkey and ham pie.

Jackie lovely pie she made today.

Monday, December 28

Take one cake for pudding...

Not me, two lovely Jackie cakes for pudding.

Friday, December 25

Its Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, December 21

Me and PJ Merry Christmas to you all.

And a Happy New Year.

The house that PJ and Jax built.

How's this for a lovely festive ginger bread house that Jax and PJ made last night. Looks rather yummy don't you think..

Tuesday, December 8

The Magic of Facehair.

Just a little update so you can see how the face hair is coming on. Its not Movember any more but I'm keeping it.

Thursday, December 3

Hydrogen clock.

Italy c. 1833.

In the Clockmakers Museum.

This clock contained sulphuric acid in the glass jar and zinc pellets in the brass spiral. As the weight driven movement ran down, a pellet was released into the acid. The build-up of hydrogen in the jar drove a piston upwards, and rewound the movement.