Monday, June 28

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh picked from our garden by Jax.

Sunday, June 27

Bye, bye Torquay.

And so we leave the lovely seaside town.

Bye, bye Torquay.

Friday, June 25

Running along the beach

After a lovely day PJ fancyed a little paddle


Yummying a prawn sandwich in Brixham.

Wednesday, June 23

My birthday feast thanks to Jax.

Yummy, yummy, lots of love in my tummy. ;-)


Yummy Marmite for me.

Look what I got for my birthday.

Monday, June 21

3.. 2.. 1.. BLAST OFF!!!

PJ enjoying his water rocket with remote trigger. I count down and he blasts off.


Sunday, June 20

He was only 50p

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Thursday, June 17

Cloudia at St Pauls today.

Sunday, June 6

Mountain Dew

And its got a proper ring pull...

Lazy-Spa time.

Got the spa out this weekend me and PJ are in for the first time this year.

Friday, June 4

At the beach...

It a bit nippy and some little man stole my shoes!

Tuesday, June 1

Breakfast of gods...

My yummy new Marmite Extra Old.