Monday, December 19

Cat in a Hat

Dam... bizzare animal, now I'm going to have the smell of cat arse in me hat. Urgh, I know I have a big head but its big enough for a cat to curl up in! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous ed said...

Maybe she thought it was a litter tray.

12:56 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

urgh.. thats just nasty..

12:58 pm  
Anonymous ed said...

I hope you inspected closely before wearing it:D

12:58 pm  
Blogger RisingSlowly said...

Dats so sweet!

5:30 am  
Blogger SafeTinspector said...


10:45 pm  
Blogger Psycho Cannon said...

You've been reading him Dr Zeuss again haven't you :)

9:47 am  

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