Sunday, October 28


That is my number, my cholesterol number. Not a good thing so I'm told, though hopefully it's a trend that I can halt, and it goes towards explaining my big tummy now and its side-affects on me.
Also it means a rather drastic change in my life, in what I eat. No more cream, cut down the cheeses and I'm only allowed 3 eggs a week.
Oh well I suppose its all something that I really needed to do, next is exercise I s'pose as I have noticed that I get tired a lot more. Have a look at this last photo and you'll see what will be slowly happening to me if I'm not careful. After all, I don't want to have to go in 10 years time and have the arteries to my heart replaced.



Anonymous the Missus said...

No hunny, you don't wanna get poorly. It's just really hard trying to stop you eating treats coz I likes spoiling you...

1:31 pm  

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