Monday, September 24

Ring of Death

Well its happened, the xbox 360 died, this week I went online and updated the latest 360 updates and then turned it off. Came back on again for a quick game of something no problems, but after the next reboot I got the 3 red lights that means a hardware problem. Now if you press the sync button and the eject it will give you the second code, press 4 times for each number in the code. It goes like this -
4 lights = 0
3 lights = 3
2 lights = 2
1 light = 1
Now I did this as you can see in my video with it showing 0022, which is a problem with the CPU, from looking about on the web its probably the thermal compound giving up. Now I could fix this myself, but this fault is covered under the year warranty, that Microsoft are now giving out. Turns out the repair centre is only down the road from me, so I'll be dropping it down one lunch break this week. Enjoy the vid, I'm sure the we is full of them.



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