Tuesday, May 29

Hairy Face...

The story continues, as my face gets hairier, and hairier. I'll post some pic's later...
But I've noticed that I now fiddle with it through-out the day, twisting and pulling the long hairs. Sometimes tugging them right out, with a momentary pin of pain as the little hair follicle gives up. What's that all about?
Annoyingly the hair on the left* of my face grows down in a nice uniform fashion, while the hair on the right** seems to lay horizontal. Its annoying because it means its all unsymmetrical. But is this strange of me, am I thinking about this to much, seems I'm becoming a bit anal-retentive when it comes to my beard?
I'll be naming it next...

Jax has bought me a rather nice beard trimmer so I can keep it all ship shape and Bristol fashion.

* my left, not your left, but your right.
** my right, not your right... Oh I think you get it now.



Blogger SafeTinspector said...

How strange that your facial hair is not more symmetrical. My wife has one breast noticeably larger than the other.

4:01 am  
Blogger Dan said...

Don't all women? Like I have on foot bigger then then the other. Though how happy is your wife that you put this on here?

10:35 am  
Anonymous The Missus said...

Dan: I'm glad you like your beard trimmer.

Joe: Your missus is gonna KILL you.

10:59 am  

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