Saturday, March 17

Love of Books

I would have said love of reading, but PJ doesn't read yet. Though he does love his books, every morning once I've got him dressed, while I go off to brush my teeth and get dressed myself. PJ will sit on the floor in his room and look through his books, pointing at things if I come in to ask what it is. Then in the evening while I'm running his bath he will do the same, quiet like a mouse just looking through his many books. He's got loads too, as you can see from the pic's, but this is just a small selection.
Oh sorry about the grainy pictures but my camera phone is kack at shots in bad light, then again is the same in strong light with it just whiting out.

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Blogger SafeTinspector said...

There's nothing quite like the feeling a parent gets watching his little one exploring the world, and its easier to watch when the world is in a book. (On account of the lack of motion blur)

Samantha is not quite six now, and it warms my heart how much excitement she shows if you suggest that, just maybe, we might go to the library today.

Biggest problem I have (and, from what these pictures show, what you'll have) is that she tends to carpet her room and bed with books. I've slipped and fallen on a slick picture book more than once.

11:08 am  
Blogger Dan said...

That I know... I fell over one of his little books the other day in the kitchen, tore it too. Something else to fix.

12:04 pm  

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