Thursday, December 7

My New DVD Game

Well, Christmas is here and it's that time of year, yes as you may have guessed I, like everyone else has brought out an exciting new DVD game. Cus they're sooooo coool. lots of exciting interactive features like -

- the interactive quiz about me, my love of badgers, marmite, coracles and all things that oscillate.
- 'Pick the fluff out of my belly button and ass crack (bit like Operation on your TV), and guess what item of clothing it came from' (why IS the fluff always blue?).
- 'Floss the teeth', you too can guess what food I've been eatin. Just look at those interactive photo's.
-'Ear canal boat'. Ride into my aural passage and avoid the earwax raisin outcroppings.
-'Pluck the hair off the monkey-boy' pick the long eyebrow or nasal hairs.. Pluck them.. Then watch and listen as I rant and bitch like a girl.
- Best of all, the interactive 'ride my bike to work and avoid the twat in front carving me up'. Use your psychic powers to guess what the driver in front/behind/side of you is about to do on your virtual ride to work.

Yes, that's right, this could be the gift for someone you couldn't be arsed to think too hard about, plus don't see too often so will never have to play this crappy game.

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Blogger SafeTinspector said...

I'm all for that EXCEPT for your love of Badgers. I saw a nature documentary in which a badger ate a baby fox. Horrible! You're horrible! Badgers are horrible!

11:19 am  
Blogger Dan said...

You see I'm thinking of the lovely English badger, just like the one in the Wind in the Willows. Eat foxes? Never...

You even like the idea of Belly fluff operation?

2:29 pm  

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