Saturday, December 2

The Fear of Christmas

Well its done and they are up, the christmas lights... Why is it the fear of Christmas you might ask? Well simply because I hate going up ladders, I'm not too bad with heights after I forced myself up Sydney harbor bridge, then abseiling, and finally skydiving. All those things I'm just fine with. But give me a ladder and make me ascend a few feet above the ground, I'll freeze, hyperventilate, and start generally feeling a tad unsafe.

I did manage it, even by the end of my christmas lights adventure, managing running up the ladder at speed! Well almost, quicker then the slow one foot at a time rise that I started off with. House looks nice, mainly thanks to Jax as she sorted everything else. I just did some white icicle lights, very, very, very, slowly whilst tightly clenching my arse. Nice image for you huh, sleep well with that one running through your brain. My tight firm, hairy clenched arse, shaking with fear... Truffle shuffle anyone?



Blogger SafeTinspector said...

My wife and her mum took care of my domestic holiday illumination. My only job is to make sure that my domestic holiday elimination isn't too toxic.

11:21 am  
Blogger Dan said...

Why would it be toxic?

2:26 pm  
Anonymous The Missus said...

he said ELIMination... lol. Toxic fairy lights? Nah...

12:50 am  

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