Sunday, October 15

Highbury Park

Even though the weather on Saturday wasn't particular nice, it was dry so I took PJ to the park. After all it better then being cooped up in the house all day. We had a go on the swings and then the slide, though PJ seemed to decide that the correct way of scaling this was to go up the slide and then down the step. The photo show a rare occasion when he decided to go the other direction, I can only assume concluding that this was still wrong and carrying on the way he was. But who am I to tell him this is wrong, as he gripped the slide and clambers up.
I even had a go on the monkey ring, which PJ though funny, forgetting how hard it was to haul my chubby arse up. I managed it... Woo-hoo monkey boy rules...! Posted by Picasa



Blogger RisingSlowly said...

OOh, hasn't he grown!

11:33 am  

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