Monday, October 16

Hairy Faced Ruler

I've been thinking about this hairy face of mine and also thinking about some of the comments that I have received about it. So far I've been called a number of names, these are of course the names of a number of famous people with the said 'goatee' all of which I do not see the resemblance. But lets have a few comparisons:
Jeremy Spake (Left) from the BBC show Airport even has his own website now. Then we have John Thomson (Right) famous for lots of roles but mainly that Jazz guy from the fast show on the BBC.
Both of these I see no real resemblance apart from the chin hair, so I can only assume before then I was just some boring face. That had no real impact in peoples lives, that is until now! Where I can pass my self off as some famous person and maybe even get into places for free, if not maybe a discount. Though as yet I haven't had anyone ask me for a autograph think I'm one of these people.
So lets see a before as after pic. Before (left), After (right). So maybe the chin hair does it, though that A-Team 'love it when a plan comes together' look is great. Maybe that's what I need to spur on people to take me as there new world ruler, a man with a hairy chin that reminds them of someone they like. We shall see.



Blogger SafeTinspector said...

Welcome to the brotherhood of the beard. Its a sign of virility and a voucher of machismo.
But you need to scowl and look dangerous. Works like a CHARM.

5:13 am  

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