Wednesday, December 20

St.Mary's Hospital Day 2

I got back into the hospital around 9.30-10am after getting a few things we needed, and narrowly avoiding a collision with a fool in a Honda who changed lanes without looking on a 3 lane roundabout! (He only indicated after I had swerved around him, beeping my horn! He then made it worse by moving back to the other lane and careering on round!)
We were told by the nursing staff that PJ needed a chest x-ray, as he still had a temperature and they wanted to find out where the infection was. We carried him down to Xray, and he sat on a little stool with me stood behind him, with my 10ton lead-apron on to protect my knacker-swimmers... Jax was waving at him from behind the little screen, and this distracted him enough so that the radiologist could get a good picture. To cut a long story short, it showed that he had pneumonia... He had more intravenous antibiotics and then the doc came round and Jax cornered him and bullied the guy into giving us a professional and complete explanation of his diagnosis... Very persuasive is Jax... Remember these really cute ickle critters, so tiny and sweet till you piss them off? Jax is one of them... they're called ChubbChubbs. Aaaaanyway, PJ is getting better, his temperature is under control, and Jax is an ex-nurse who is more than capable of administering medications and many, many bed baths. So they agreed to let us nurse PJ at home. (Ok, I made the bit about bed baths up, I just wished it). So off we go, and just in time for Santa to visit PJ in his own house rather than at hospital.



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