Tuesday, December 19

St.Mary's Hospital Day 1

Well. After a fun trip to A&E and then arriving in St.Mary's hospital, waiting for 6hrs to see a doc who arrived at 3am, quick examination of PJ later with no answers and we got to spend the remainder of night there. Which involved me and Jax sleeping in metal frame fold down spring bed which we both barely fit, but I was shattered so slept a little, Jax was too stressed. We still didn't have a clue as to what was wrong with PJ.
PJ was still very tired and after having the canula shoved in his hand we let him sleep, it looked rather odd as he had a huge sanitary-pad to keep his hand flat which is taped down and wrapped in a bandage.
I popped out to get some more stuff from home that we would possibly need while Jax stayed with PJ. While I was out a specialist dermatologist came to look over PJ, and seemed to come to the conclusion that while his spots looked like Chicken Pox this is not what they were. But this would need to be confirmed, hopefully from the blood tests??
PJ was given some more antibiotics via his canula and we also managed to get him to eat some food. Jax popped home to get some more stuff that would be needed to stay overnight and I watched over PJ, managed to get him to even eat more dinner. All the time he was perking up, more colour in his cheeks and becoming more active. He even went into the playroom and had a play with the red car and some other toys...
Jax came back home and tried to have a little sleep, though next door had decided to do some drilling which kept her awake. PJ had fallen asleep by then, so I waited around till about 10pm for his next lot of antibiotics, which was almost all done while he was sleep. Just the last bit waking him up. After that I went back home for some sleep and Jax slept in the pull down bed next to him (only one parent is really allowed to stay over night).
PJ had some further antibiotics about 6 am, but on the whole slept well. We still had no answers as to what was wrong...



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